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Universal newborn hearing screening has provided for early identification of congenital deafness. This has allowed for intervention as soon as possible. The placement of cochlear implants in deafened infants in their first year of life allows these children to develop hearing and speech skills at nearly the same pace as their normally hearing peers. By "turning on their hearing," profoundly deafened children are now able to enter mainstream schools at the same age as their hearing peers. The placement of cochlear implants in both ears now allows for these children to hear and appreciate sound in nearly the same way as normally hearing individuals.

Ella's Story
Ella was the subject of a newspaper article and radio broadcast (see links below) about her cochlear implant experience. Ella was 9 months old at the time of her surgery. With her implant, she was able to hear for the first time since birth.
Missouri News Tribune Newspaper Article

Radio Broadcast about Ella

Liam's Story
Another child, Liam, was featured in another newspaper article about his cochlear implant with Dr. Herzog. Liam too was 9 months old when he received his first of bilateral cochlear implants.
Belleville News-Democrat Article about Liam