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Situations arise when conventional hearing aids may become impractical. People with active lifestyles may find that wearing a hearing aid in the ear may hinder normal sporting activities. Further, the difficulty of having to continually place and remove a hearing aid may actually prevent some from using the amplification they require.

The fully implantable hearing device by Otologics offers an alternative to traditional hearing aid amplification. The device is surgically implanted through an incision behind the ear. This includes placement of a microphone beneath the skin behind the ear.

The Center for Hearing and Balance Disorders has been selected to participate in the Phase 2 Study being conducted by the FDA in order to demonstrate safety and efficacy. Many patients, both in the United States and Europe, have received the implant as part of the Phase 1 portion of the study. Thus far, the procedure has clearly shown that the device provides significant hearing benefits with minimal side effects.