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Hearing Aid Evaluation
We encourage you to come in for a detailed hearing aid evaluation appointment. Hearing aids come in a variety of styles and technology options. At the hearing aid evaluation the audiologist will make recommendations of which hearing aids will work best for you. We will explain each of the different styles of hearing aids and the technology options offered. We will also take into account your particular listening needs and other factors such as physical dexterity to determine what will benefit you most. There is no obligation to purchase hearing aids at this appointment and there is no charge for this appointment. Feel free to bring a friend or family member to any hearing aid appointment. We find that patients who have this support adjust better and are more successful with their hearing aids. The appointment usually lasts about 45 minutes.

Today's Hearing Aids
Hearing aids have changed a lot in recent years. New styles are more cosmetically appealing, more comfortable, and have made it possible for first time users with mild hearing loss to see more benefit. New technology provides hearing aid users with more features than ever before, even on lower priced aids. Almost all hearing aids today are digital, giving users the clearest sound possible and providing the audiologist with many adjustments to tailor the aids for the individual. Directional microphones improve hearing in background noise and feedback cancellation eliminates annoying whistling. Most aids function automatically so users don't have to make any adjustments for volume or background noise. For those who like to control the aids themselves, many aids even offer an optional remote control. Hearing aids can range in price from as little as $800 each to as much as $2800 each, depending which features and technology are selected.

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