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Susan Rathgeb, MS, CCC-A
Director Audiology

Susan Rathgeb Susan is the director of Audiology at the Center for Hearing and Balance Disorders. She has been with the practice since 2007

She received her Master of Science degree in Audiology in 1999 from Washington University in St. Louis.

Susan specializes in Cochlear Implant Audiology and rehabilitation. She is certified by the American Speech and Hearing association. Susan has extensive experience dealing with hearing impairment in individuals of all ages.

She is a member of:
- American Speech Language Hearing Assoc. (ASHA) since 1999
- American Academy of Audiology (AAA) since 2007
- Illinois Early Intervention Provider Since 2001
- Licensed Audiologist Illinois since 1999
- Licensed Audiologist Missouri since 1999
- Holds Certification of Clinical Competence since 2000

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Craig Buchman, M.D.
Cameron C. Wick, M.D.
Carolyn Bequette, MS, CCC-A
Susan Rathgeb, MS, CCC/A
Lydia Beyer, Au.D., CCC-A

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