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Dizziness is nothing more than an altered sense of one’s position. This may result in a sense of spinning, light headedness, falling, and difficulty walking or falling. We get our sense of position from what we see, what we feel and what our inner ear tells us. When an individual either receives inaccurate positional information or interprets the information inaccurately, dizziness may occur.

Some individuals may have difficulty with chronic disequilibrium or dizziness. This may be result of a persistent inner ear inflammation (vestibular neuronitis), residual symptoms following inner ear surgery or changes in balance secondary to the aging process.

CochleaVestibular rehabilitation is a form of physical therapy targeted specifically to the balance system. The therapist will typically try to isolate the specific deficit in the balance system at the time of the initial evaluation. Then a specific program will be developed in an effort to strengthen the weakened portion of the balance system or to allow the other portions of the balance system to compensate for its own weaknesses. This program typically takes 6 weeks with weekly visit with the therapist.